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Scott T. Stotz

Attorney at Law


Practices Areas

From Public Intoxication to Domestic Violence and everything in between, I handle a variety of misdemeanor and felony cases from start to finish.
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I know how important your license is to you! Let my experience guide your path to keeping your license, especially if you have a commercial license. 
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Having too many points, a medical condition, or DUI arrest will affect your license.  I have the right experience to help keep you on the road!
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“Scott went above and beyond for my case. He was honest and straightforward about everything. He helped me get the best deal I could get with my case and worked very hard to do so. I will definitely be referring Scott to anyone who is need of an attorney. Thank you for hard work Scott!”


“I like the attitude and demeanor of this particular gentleman. Not only did his advice prove to be correct and important but it was conveyed in terms that were tailored to me and the situation. He’s always willing to help out and jump in. What a great guy and great lawyer too. I highly recommend him for criminal defense cases.”


“Mr. Stotz was totally awesome in helping me settle my case. He was there to meet my every need. Honestly, I’m not sure how I would have gotten through this mess without him. I would absolutely recommend Scott to anybody looking for a top notch attorney!”


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In many cases, it’s important to document facts and circumstances surrounding your case or to begin contacting possible witnesses immediately after it happens.  Use the form below to get in touch with me right away, so I can get to work.

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