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General Court Representation

Protecting your personal legacy against Criminal and/or DUI allegations can be one of the most difficult things and most stressful times in your life.  Who you choose to represent you can be a factor in the way your case resolves.  It’s important to have qualified legal representation at your side.

During our consultation, we’ll discuss the details that led to your arrest, any prior conduct that may have an effect on the matter, as well as any potential evidence that may be available.  Once we discuss the details of the case, we’ll start mapping out potential defenses that could be used in order to get you a  favorable outcome.  Once we have that road-map, we can start considering which information we need to get from you in order to help pursue your goals.

Our Court Representation consists of personalized representation at all Court hearings, including your Arraignment and all Pre-Trial hearings necessary to implement the strategy we create – including any necessary motions (i.e., motions to suppress evidence, motions to dismiss, etc.) as appropriate.

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