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DMV Hearings

Part of any DUI Defense is the DMV hearing.  However, these hearings are not just limited to DUI and can arise from any number of situations; including having too many points, or because of a diagnosed medical condition.

Appropriate Representation Is Important

After being arrested for DUI, I often hear about people choosing to represent themselves at the DMV Hearing because “it’s just the DMV”.  This is one example of you doing yourself a great disservice by not getting informed.  As a DUI attorney, the DMV hearing is one of the most important tools I have to properly investigate and prepare your case for the best outcome possible.  Without out, you may be hurting your chances of a dismissal or a DUI charge getting reduced.

However, the DMV doesn’t only deal licensing related to DUIs.  They can also review your driving privlege and suspend your license for having too many points, or at the request of a physician or family member, if there is reason to belive you are medically unfit to continue driving.  Waiting too long once you receive notice of any of these actions can result in automatically license suspension or revocation!

Negligent Operator Hearings
Re-Examination Hearings

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