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DUI Defense

In my DUI Defense practice, I handle cases in a very strategic manner.  DUIs are very complicated and I would strongly advise against treating it as a DIY project as the consequences can be long-lasting and irreversible.

How Can I Help?

Generally, a DUI defense case is broken down into three stages.  First, we have the overview of a DUI matter from the arrest, through the entire court process.  When discussing a DUI matter specifically, you need to understand that a DUI is broken into two separate cases.  One of those is in Criminal Court.  The second aspect of a DUI case is the case you will have related to the suspension of your driver’s license by the DMV.

My office provides comprehensive DUI defense representation in order to thoroughly investigate your matter and determine what options are available to you based on the strength of your case, and any violations of your rights that may have happened.

If you have already been convicted and you are interested in expunging the matter, terminating your probation early, or some other form of post-conviction relief that may be in play, we offer a variety of service that fall into that category as well.

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