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                                      51" x 102" Brand New Knuth Heavy Duty Vertical Lathe, Mdl. VDM 2600 S, 3-Axis Position Indicator, Fully Enclosed Housing, Chip Conveyor, Infinitely Variable Feed Control, Vertical & Horizontal Tool Holders, Automatic Central Lubrication, Work Lamp, Anchor Bolts, Hydraulic Clamping of Cross Traverse, Heavy Duty Column with Wide, Hardened Guideways, Reduction Gear Drive, Operating Tools, Operation Manual, #SMVDM2600S

                                      Brand New Knuth Heavy Duty Vertical Lathe

                                      Stock No: #SMVDM2600S
                                      Manufacturer: Knuth
                                      Model: VDM 2600 S
                                      Capacity: 51" x 102"
                                      Condition: New
                                      Starting At:
                                      AS LOW AS

                                      DETAILED SPECIFICATION
                                      Working Area
                                      Maximum Rotating Diameter102"
                                      Turning Diameter of Upper Tool Holder102"
                                      Turning Diameter of Side Tool Holder91"
                                      Maximum Machining Height59"
                                      Travel X1 Axis, Upper Support51"
                                      Travel Z1 Axis, Upper Support39"
                                      Travel W Axis, Traverse43"
                                      Travel X2 Axis, Side Support29"
                                      Travel Z2 Axis, Side Support46"
                                      Swivel Range of Upper Tool Holder+/- 30?°
                                      Maximum Work Piece Length59"
                                      Maximum Work Piece Weight22,000 lbs
                                      Speed Range(16) 1.4 - 45 rpm
                                      Headstock Torque283,200 ft/lb
                                      Rotary Table Diameter91"
                                      Rapid Feed
                                      Rapid Feed of Upper Support71"/minute
                                      Rapid Feed of Side Support71"/minute
                                      X-Axis0 - 3"/minute
                                      Z-Axis0 - 3"/minute
                                      Tool Head
                                      Tool Holder1.2" x 1.6"
                                      Maximum Tool Weight110 lbs
                                      Main Motor49.6 H.P.
                                      X - Axis Motor2/2.4 H.P.
                                      Z - Axis Motor2/2.4 H.P.
                                      Dimensions (L x W x H)130" x 157" x 138"
                                      Weight48,400 lbs
                                      EQUIPPED WITH
                                      3-Axis Position Indicator
                                      Fully Enclosed Housing
                                      Chip Conveyor
                                      Infinitely Variable Feed Control
                                      Vertical & Horizontal Tool Holders
                                      Automatic Central Lubrication
                                      Work Lamp
                                      Anchor Bolts
                                      Hydraulic Clamping of Cross Traverse
                                      Heavy Duty Column with Wide, Hardened Guideways
                                      Reduction Gear Drive
                                      Operating Tools
                                      Operation Manual

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