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5/5 stars. Humanistic Guy With the Ability to Handle Issues.
Posted by David
February 28, 2017
I like the attitude and demeanor of this particular gentleman. Not only did his advice prove to be correct and important but it was conveyed in terms that were tailored to me and the situation. He’s always willing to help out and jump in. What a great guy and great lawyer too. I highly recommend him for criminal defense cases.
5/5 stars. Scott Stotz Esq. defended MY case as he would for HIS own!

Posted by anonymous
February 3, 2017
I don’t always write reviews for outstanding performances but when I do, I mean it!
I am back on this web page to thank those whose invaluable reviews guided me as I was narrowing the choices to pick a DUI defense attorney. Due to the complexity of my case, I was desperately in need of a lawyer with DUI defense experience in Inland Empire and most importantly, someone who cares. Making a phone call to the Law Office of Scott T. Stotz was the beginning of my DUI anxieties’ relief, especially those that come with court appearance before a judge in a public setting or orders to appear when time would not be on my side. A one-on-one appointment with Scott was immediately set up and it was made convenient meet him in less than no time.
After rambling about the circumstances that surrounded my case, Scott succinctly put them in better terms that I left with peace of mind and confidence in that whole dilemma. Cordial calls followed my first visit to keep me posted on the progress of my case until today when the optimal outcomes were reached in my favor.

5/5 stars. Amazing DUI Lawyer!
Posted by Bryce
on Mar 26, 2015
Scott Stotz was the best choice I made after getting my DUI. I was facing a felony charge and he got it reduced to a regular DUI charge. Not only did he take care of all the court showings, but he kept me informed of every ruling and decision that was made. He gave me all my options and helped me better understand what could happen due to the position I was in. At the end of everything, he lowered my charge and has continued to help me through everything the court charged me to do (DUI courses, community service, getting back my drivers license…etc). I will recommend Scott to everyone I come across that has received a DUI and looking for representation. He is not only an amazing DUI lawyer, he is a great person.

5/5 stars. “A+ Attorney”
Posted by Lorrena
on Mar 5, 2015
Mr. Stotz was totally awesome in helping me settle my case. He was there to meet my every need. Honestly, I’m not sure how I would have gotten through this mess without him. I would absolutely recommend Scott to anybody looking for a top notch attorney!

5/5 stars. Excellent Lawyer!
Posted by Chris
on Sep 4, 2013
Scott was great at keeping me informed of the progress of my case and explaining the pros and cons of different types of plea deals. He was able to secure me a favorable plea that kept my driving privileges intact. I certainly would not have been able to get the same outcome without his commitment and knowledge of the law.

5/5 stars. Great Lawyer!
Posted by Daniel
on Aug 14, 2013
Mr. Stotz is definitely a great choice for anyone needing a DUI lawyer. I was impressed with how knowledgeable and motivated he was to fight my case. I was always kept in the loop as to the progression of my case. If anyone is in need of great council Scott Stotz is who you’re looking for.

5/5 stars. The Best DUI Lawyer You Can Get!

Posted by Moises
on Sep 22, 2013
I have lived in southern California my whole life.  I recently got my third DUI and an accident in the process.  Mr. Stotz  was not judgemental and very profesional. When I brought my case to him he gave me all my options and made me feel like a friend, not just another client.  He worked with me and even though I had financial harship, we worked out a payment plan and he got me the best deal ever, NO JAIL TIME! I would strongly recommend my lawyer to any of my family and friends.  I appreciated all of  his hard work and dedication to my case.  Thank you Scott Stotz!  I have my life ontrack thanks to your help.